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INet Network Scanner 2.6.1 alisak




 . . There are some other free scanners, such as: Network (Free) WiSpy2 (Free) nmap(Free) Manual network scanning is the process of exhausting all the IP addresses from a network and by using brute force determination of which devices are open to the network. These IP addresses are then mapped to a port. Depending on the OS, the ports could be listed as well, and the users within that network that are listening to those ports. A normal network scanner such as Zenmap would do this automatically. Depending on the size of the network, a manual network scan could take a very long time to complete. Scanning tools like nmap are able to scan networks within a matter of seconds, or even a matter of minutes. In some cases, manual network scanning is done to find a weak point in a network, a point where the network is too open and hackers can exploit. Network scanners can also be used to find a web server, or simply to see if a host is actually on a network. Computer scanning techniques Computer scanning is a process that identifies the services and hosts on a computer network and their current status. Network scanning is a computer process that provides a snapshot of the contents of a computer network. Scanning is used to detect and mitigate security vulnerabilities, to determine the current status of a computer system, and to understand the types of services a network might host. Host and service discovery Host and service discovery scans for operating system versions, file types, etc. on a computer network and then attempts to identify host systems, mail servers, and web servers. This includes detecting and listing running services that a host may have available. Identifying and enumerating hosts Network scanners can be used to identify and enumerate hosts. Scanning can be used to scan for: IP addresses Ports Service information Systems on the network During the enumeration, hosts will be identified and presented as systems with IP addresses and ports, and appropriate status indicators will be provided. These status indicators will include, for example, whether the host is a server or a client. Port scanning Port scanning is the process of using a network scanner to identify which ports are open on a host. Port scanning can be used to determine what software and services are running on a host and the status of each service. Port scanning can also be used to identify vulnerabilities



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INet Network Scanner 2.6.1 alisak

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